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Published: 02/02/2007

Row lingo to know

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These are some rowing terms used in the boats and around the boathouse:

ROWING - When there is a crew of four or eight.

SCULLING - Single crew.

BACKING - Backward stroke used to turn a boat or back a boat into a starting block.

CHECK IT - A common command used to get all oars on starboard or port to hold water causing boat to turn.

LET IT RUN - The crew will stop rowing.

CRAB - When rower fails to get oar out of water at end of stroke. This can stop a boat.

CATCH - Moment of entry of the blade into the water at the beginning of a row stroke.

HEADS - A rowing competition held in the winter months where boats are timed.

REGATTA - A rowing competition held in the summer months. Boats are side-by-side and they race over a shorter distance than a heads competition.

KEEP RIGHT - The rule of the river! Boats always keep right of the river.

Source: The U.S. Rowing website.

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