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Published: 02/02/2007

Lecture on fruits, veggies and kids

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Fruits, veggies and kids. What's wrong with that trio? Every parent knows that getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be a very trying experience. Those three words rarely go together. Wellness educator Luann Colombo is coming to North Andover next week to talk about how parents can succeed without stressing out.

Colombo has been putting science into the hands of children and their parents for nearly two decades. Over three million of her children's books and games are currently in print. Colombo has also published curriculum for children's television programs, museums, schools and private industry clients.

Colombo has found a way to combine her love of science and health. She says being a wellness educator provides an opportunity to share the science of health, nutrition and disease prevention. Colombo, who practices what she preaches on herself and her family, is impressed with the Juice Plus+ concept. Eating whole food nutrition creates healthy cells, which build a strong immune system and she will talk about Juice Plus+ capsules at her lecture.

Colombo has a bachelor of science degree in both biology and psychology and a Master's degree in Science Education. Her lecture is the next up in a series of Health Talks For Parents sponsored by the Champion Factory, located in Chickering Plaza, just behind the Mango Grille on Rte. 125 in North Andover.

The lecture is set for Friday, Feb. 9 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Children are welcome and free fitness activities for them will be available during the presentation. Space is limited. Call 978-683-8493 to reserve a space.

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